Summer Time Goes By In A Blink In The Pocono Mountains

Dated: 06/02/2019

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Today is June 2, 2019...officially not even summer yet but here in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast PA we look at it like this One Summer Holiday Done, 2 to go. Fourth of July signifies the REAL cause for Summer Celebrations for most folks but it signifies even more here in the Poconos. EVERYONE Revels in July 4th celebrations but it also serves as an announcement that 2 summer holidays are now over and there is only one left and that 'summer holiday' actually ushers out the summer season. After July 4th the grass grows slower, the sightings of firewood deliveries becomes more and more frequent as the passing of the July 4th holiday rings in the 'Season' of Preparations for Winter. There is a funny saying about the Adirondack Park in Upper NY State and that is 'There are two seasons in the Adirondacks, July and Winter'. The same could be said for the Poconos, particularly up on the summit along rte 940 from the PA turnpike in White Haven through Mount Pocono as this corridor is part of a snow belt so when others in the surrounding area are having a simple overcast day, there is usually snow falling along this belt.

This post is not meant to be a downer that winter is always upon us but rather to serve notice to GET out there and enjoy this summertime weather and activities as the season is fairly fleeting. Go whitewater Rafting, Downhill biking, hike a state park, go fishing, jump in a kayak...whatever your interest get to it. we are only put here for what amounts to a short time so get out and LIVE!



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